Hi, my name is Grace, wife to Henning and a mom to Frida Emilie. I came to Norway with a dream to be a Norwegian nurse. I travelled here as an Au pair and finally got licensed as a health worker where I got a chance to work at Sykehjem.

When I got pregnant, I took everything seriously. I wanted to raise my child the opposite way I was raised. I wanted my child to be respected, feel loved and have me as her mom as present as possible. And so I researched parenting ways that are aligned to my goals and values in raising children. I came across Montessori, RIE, attachment parenting and baby led weaning to feeding approach. All of them catch my attention because they have one goal: It's to raise an independent, confident and responsible child. And so, I dived in and passionately read whatever articles and books I can hold of to better understand the methods. Though we don't 100% follow all the rules, it's important to realize that we are allowed to only pick the ideas from these approach that work for us and our family. 

When my baby came to this world, the reality came and application to all what I have learned is so exciting. As the time goes by, my daughter got diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis (an allergic reaction that shows on esophagus). Life was heavy and demanding. And the situation led me to leave my Helsefagarbeider job. I needed to stay home to attend the demand. While it's causing me stress staying at home, I knew I needed to do something else to not be burnt out with the special situation we have. And so I started opening Grabease Scandinavia in Norway. In another reason, I find that getting products and materials that are Montessori focused aren't easy to get hold here in Norway. With these exact reasons, I started creating Marimont.no 

Marimont.no is created for parents that supports them to do the Montessori method as a parenting guide. I wanted this platform to not only sell products and materials but also a resource that you can run to when you are overwhelmed in raising a child. Montessori method, changed our family life. I became more relaxed, present and understanding as a wife and a mother and I wanted to share these amazing approach to every parent I can possibly reach to. 

Marimont.no is purely ran by a family of three. :) Frida Emilie is my source of inspiration to all of this and my husband, Henning whom have hugely supported me with the finance and admin part of it.

We are still curating products to add on and your opinions matter, if there is something else that you think that would be nice to add to your Montessori and BLW journey, please feel free to reach us out at hellomarimont@gmail.com

I hope that Marimont.no will grow and build a community of parents helping each other in reaching the same goal: to guide our children, create a calm home and have self compassion within ourselves. <3